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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Feeling comfortable in your vehicle is important. If its air conditioning isn’t working correctly, driving to and from work, or even to run a couple of errands can be unbearable. When air conditioning problems plague your car or truck, bring it into AAMCO for auto air conditioning repair in Morgan Hill, CA. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection, make an accurate diagnosis, and suggest repairs.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system does so much more than keep you cool. This system is responsible for dehumidification when heat and defrost modes are activated. Air conditioning problems that are ignored or “lived with” may, in actuality, cause additional problems in your vehicle.

How do you know if your vehicle needs servicing? Besides the air conditioner blowing hot air, here are some other signs of a bad system:

  • Sporadic cooling
  • Weird noises during operation
  • Vents emitting odd smells
  • Defrost mode isn’t working as it should

When you bring your vehicle into one of our local AAMCO stations, your technician will perform an Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) as well as a comprehensive diagnostic service. All of our technicians are A/C certified, so you feel confident that you’re getting professional service from start to finish.

Our IVC includes the following:

  • Air conditioning compressor inspection
  • Drive belt inspection for cracks and other damage
  • Inspection for visible leaks and other damage in hoses, seals, and other components

If your system requires service, your technician may recommend one of the following services:

  • System recharging to replace refrigerant according to manufacturer suggestions
  • Service the lines, hoses, condenser, evaporator, or compressor depending on the diagnosis

Don’t live with an underperforming air conditioning system. Instead, bring your vehicle into your local Morgan Hill AAMCO for great service and exceptional repairs. Call us today to schedule your appointment right away!



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