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Clutch Service and Repair

Do you own a vehicle that operates on a manual transmission? If so, your vehicle may require specialized clutch service and repair from time to time. Your local AAMCO in Morgan Hills offers affordable and reliable manual transmission repair from top-rated experts who have a passion for servicing manual transmission vehicles. The key to swift and accurate transmission repair is to isolate the problem so that the correct operations are performed.

At AAMCO Total Car Care, we take the time to fully inspect your transmission and we never cut corners. When you bring your vehicle in for servicing, you can expect your certified technician to perform the following operations:

  • Fully remove your vehicle’s transmission for direct access
  • Inspect all transmission components including the clutch disc, flywheel, and pressure plate
  • Replace all required parts in a manner that meets industry and AAMCO standards
  • Carefully reinstall the transmission
  • Add clean transmission fluid
  • Execute a lift check and make necessary adjustments to guarantee clutch performance
  • Perform a road test to ensure the vehicle is road ready

As the leader in auto repair services in Morgan Hill, we go above and beyond to make sure all our manual transmission repairs are done with accuracy. When you bring your vehicle to an AAMCO car center, you can feel confident that you’re getting precise repairs and personalized service by the best mechanics in the industry.

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