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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

As a driver, you have a responsibility to protect your vehicle’s battery. Good battery maintenance is essential for startup, running, and proper performance. Failure to maintain the battery properly can result in you being left stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the highway. Worse, you can find yourself unable to rely on certain systems, including the air conditioner or media features. If your battery is running low, is slow to respond, or malfunctions during extreme weather conditions, bring your vehicle into AAMCO’s repair center for our car battery charging and maintenance service.

AAMCO is Morgan Hill, CA’s, number one resource for charging system diagnosis, battery replacement, and so much more. When you bring your vehicle to one of our service shops, we’ll perform our Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) absolutely free. We will then diagnose, repair, and maintain your vehicle with experienced care and courteous service. Our ultimate goal is to give you a 100 percent safe and trustworthy battery system, including its component parts and related systems.

Our battery services include connections, hardware, electrolyte level, and case and battery load inspections, as well as precise voltage and current tests. We’ll even inspect the vehicle’s brackets, connections, alternator belts, and starting system for signs of wear and tear. After all of these combined services, we’ll make a diagnosis and offer expert recommendations so that you have a reliable and long-lasting battery system.

Remember to check your battery periodically, even if you haven’t received a dashboard warning. Check your owner’s manual for model-specific recommendations, and remember to have all batteries changed after 3 years of use.



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